Fighting Asbestos Contamination in Rochdale

22 September 2014

Mick Coates who lives close to the old asbestos factory site (& is a Green Party activist) has been involved in trying to make the site safe. Here is the latest update.

A Nuclear Free Future

20 September 2014

On Saturday 20th September the Rochdale Observer published a letter from Rochdale Peace Group asking for the Green Party's position on nuclear weapons. This is Abi Jackson's response.

Abi's Blog - The Campaign Begins!

14 September 2014

Abi Jackson - candidate for Heywood & Middleton - shares her thoughts at the start of this campaign

Heywood & Middleton By-election - Introducing the Candidate

14 September 2014

Rochdale Green Party has chosen Abi Jackson as its candidate in the forthcoming Heywood & Middleton by-election.

Green Party Call for an End to Violence in Gaza

27 July 2014

Rochdale Green Party completely and unequivocally condemned Israel for its military actions in the Gaza strip at a massive rally at Rochdale Town Hall last Sunday.

Challenging the Austerity Myth

15 July 2014

On Monday 14th July, David Cameron announced that the Government had “found” an extra £1.1 billion for military spending. Is this the end of austerity?

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