Abi's comments about democracy & the People's Climate march

22 September 2014

Abi comments on the implications of the Scottish referendum and also about the importance of the People's Climate march

Fighting Asbestos Contamination in Rochdale

22 September 2014

Mick Coates who lives close to the old asbestos factory site (& is a Green Party activist) has been involved in trying to make the site safe. Here is the latest update.

A Nuclear Free Future

20 September 2014

On Saturday 20th September the Rochdale Observer published a letter from Rochdale Peace Group asking for the Green Party's position on nuclear weapons. This is Abi Jackson's response.

Abi's Blog - The Campaign Begins!

14 September 2014

Abi Jackson - candidate for Heywood & Middleton - shares her thoughts at the start of this campaign

Heywood & Middleton By-election - Introducing the Candidate

14 September 2014

Rochdale Green Party has chosen Abi Jackson as its candidate in the forthcoming Heywood & Middleton by-election.

Green Party Call for an End to Violence in Gaza

27 July 2014

Rochdale Green Party completely and unequivocally condemned Israel for its military actions in the Gaza strip at a massive rally at Rochdale Town Hall last Sunday.

Challenging the Austerity Myth

15 July 2014

On Monday 14th July, David Cameron announced that the Government had “found” an extra £1.1 billion for military spending. Is this the end of austerity?

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