After the EU referendum result : the way forward

29 June 2016

'No Brexit general election if Boris Johnson wins Tory leadership.' As reported by the Guardian, there will be no general election, illustrating the fact that the Tories have no respect for democracy.
David Cameron Appoints Oliver Letwin To Lead ‘Brexit Unit’ This is the man who wrote
Privatizing the World: A Study of International Privatization in Theory and Practice. The first in line for total privatisation will be the NHS, the Tories are already chipping away at every aspect of the NHS. Their aim is to eliminate EVERY public service.
Oliver Letwin during the last Government dumped key official papers - and constituents’ letters - in a bin near his Whitehall office.
And last but not least as reported in the Independant 30th Dec 2015 - David Cameron's policy chief and key Cabinet minister Oliver Letwin has aplogised 'unreservedly' for the comments he wrote in a memo sent to Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, which have been described as 'offensive, disgusting and appalling'
The antics of the Labour party are no more appealing while the honourable Jeremy Corbyn holds a steady course 172 Blairites (most of whom voted for Trident and did NOT fight the Tory policies against the disabled) show utter contempt for Labour grass root members.
Now is the time for a new politics. Now is the time to create a progressive alliance. Now is the time to take action.


Now is the time to join the Green Party