Former Labour councillors return to Middleton to support Abi Jackson's campaign

29 September 2014

Green Party candidate Abi Jackson received a boost to her campaign on Friday when former Heywood and Middleton councillors David and Alison Williams came back to the area to lend their support.

David and Alison Williams, both previously Labour councillors but now leading members of the Green Party, came back to Middleton to give their support to the Green Party candidate..

David Williams, who also stood for parliament as a Labour candidate in two general elections, said "I left the Labour Party as it became more like the Conservatives and the Green Party reflected my views on social justice and the environment. The Green Party is the only party against the cuts and for positive actions to get the country out of the mess caused by the bankers and their wealthy friends. Why should the rest of us suffer and make sacrifices when we were not responsible for these problems?"

Alison Williams also once a councillor said "It is time for a new way of carrying out politics. All the other parties want more cuts. We say that cuts are not the solution but are the problem."

She added, "And now we are faced yet again with all the main parties taking us into a hopeless war that cannot be won by military means."

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