Heywood & Middleton by election: comments from Abi Jackson about democracy and the People's Climate march

22 September 2014

Green Party candidate calls for action on constitutional reform and climate change.

Abi Jackson (Green Party candidate in the Heywood & Middleton by-election) said: “The Scottish Independence referendum demonstrated that people can become engaged in politics when they believe that they CAN make a difference.  The debate has illustrated how people across the country have been left feeling unrepresented and neglected by Westminster policies and politics.”

In the wake of the Scottish referendum, which saw the highest turnout at a UK election (85%) since 1951, the Green Party is backing calls for a People’s Constitutional Convention to be established to consider radical changes to the entire governance of the UK.

Abi Jackson (who lives in the constituency) said that “the guiding principle must be that power flows upwards from the people rather than downwards from an over-centralised state.  Local people, local councils must be given more power to determine their futures.”

The People’s Climate March in Manchester on 21st September (part of a world wide demonstration about climate change in advance of the world summit in New York) showed that people wanted politicians to show vision and leadership in the face of climate crisis.

“It is of huge importance that we put the health of the planet before the short term goals of big business.  We must not allow fracking under our homes with the potential for the pollution of our water supply and increased carbon emissions,” said Abi Jackson.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, visiting Manchester on Sunday said “People from across borders and from a whole range of backgrounds are being unified by a shared understanding of the need for action on climate change. We urge our world leaders to show similar levels of solidarity and agree a way forward that will reduce carbon emissions and build a more sustainable future for us all.”

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