A response to Rochdale Peace Group's Letter on Nuclear Power

20 September 2014

Dear Editor,

The Rochdale Peace Group was right to point out that the Green Party opposes both nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

The Green Party’s aim is to see all nuclear weapons dismantled and banned by international agreement with the UK taking a lead in this. The weapons are expensive with the Trident replacement costing over £26bn with many military experts in this country seeing them as a costly extravagance. Their use would anyway be a breach of international law. The Green Party would work for a cessation of testing, development and deployment of nuclear armaments by new international treaties.

Our party conference this month reaffirmed our policy of ending the use of nuclear power in the UK. It is a source of energy that is expensive, dangerous, its construction is not carbon neutral and the uranium fuel for the reactors has to be imported. There is no safe way of storing nuclear waste for the 12,000 years it is needed before it becomes safe and the decommissioning of life expired reactors costs billions every year. The money for nuclear will be diverted into renewables including wind, wave and tidal.

The Green Party is fighting for a nuclear free and safe future.

Abi Jackson,
Green Party candidate
Heywood & Middleton by-election

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